Our consulting process begins with a discussion.  Invite one of our senior project managers to brief you on our capabilities, methods, and related experiences.  If possible, be prepared to discuss your current business development efforts as well as your concerns and information needs.


The second step is a written proposal.  The proposal will define the objectives, methodology, scope, deliverables, schedule, and price for conducting the proposed business decision project.

The third step is a decision.  Upon acceptance of our proposal, we will assign a team to your case and, in most instances, start work immediately.  Alternatively, the proposal can be an interactive product of the third step; we will work with you to fine-tune the study's objectives, methods, and so on.

The fourth step is the project.  IBIS firmly believes in the benefits of frequent communications during the course of a project.  Anticipate regular, verbal progress reports and the opportunity to help direct the investigation.  Most of our studies conclude with an interactive final presentation accompanied by a supporting written report.

To learn more about working with IBIS, please feel free to contact us via phone or email at your convenience.  Thank you for your interest in IBIS Associates.



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